chemical reaction project

Who says we can't play with our food? How exciting to gather up a few edible materials and enjoy some STEM activities with food. Using these hands-on STEM activities, your toddler can build structures, steeples, columns, and bridges. Due to the variety of building materials, your child can experiment with what shapes and pieces make the sturdiest base and design. Expand the STEM play by adding popsicle sticks or paper. The possibilities are endless! “Great way to extend Johnny Appleseed activities and get students thinking and working together.” I8217;ve done a SUPER STEM DAY where we spend the entire day rotating through STEM activities. (Hint: This is a great time to ask for parent help too!) And other times we do a single STEM activity that may useful website or may not have anything to do with the month, season, holiday or academic concepts we are learning.