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18. Beach Waves with Bangs. If you need ideas on how to do beach waves on your straight hair, check out this beach waves video. Her enchanting bed-head beach hair with choppy wispy bangs was created with a curling wand. From start to finish, the whole process took a little over three hours. First, my stylist Kat Rohan shampooed my hair twice before wet cutting to create the slightest layers. This allows room for the waves to take place and for the hair to not be too overpowering, especially at the ends. From thereon, six sections were made with a zigzag parting, and Rohan continued this sectioning in between each individual soft rod that resembles a foam-like tube, which the hair was wrapped around, so that the waves sit naturally and there is less of a harsh part line. Beach wave hair is the go-to style for every girl. Do you know why? It is because this look is perfect. hairstyles for thin straight hair In this article, we will be sharing some really awesome and cool beachy hair wave ideas with you.