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Filed Under: Gameschooling Tagged With: gameschool, Gameschooling, math, math games differentiation, education, games, lesson planning, math This complete educational app is one of the best free interactive apps with the best math games included. It features puzzles way more bonus deals and mini-games from other subjects as well. The problem-solving questions in math games will undoubtedly help younger kids to love maths and grasp the basics of it instead of getting scared. Early math games cover broad skill range in a fun setting. For an exciting challenge, kids and teens can try their hand at a math competition. For help and support, check out everyday ways to make math fun, how to ask math teachers for support, and tips for online homework.; Math for Love Prime Climb 8211; This game gets very high reviews as one of the most fun math board games. You use dice to roll and add, multiply, subtract, and divide to climb your way to the center of the board. The game involves enough luck and skill that everyone can play, and it’s a fun way to practice math facts.