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Ghost of Tsushima ends in this awkward concoction of a solid narrative, padded out combat, and constant bugs.. After the credits finished and I gained control of the game for the last time, I was met with another beautiful backdrop that could wars game almost make it all feel worth it. But that’s just not why I’m here. I play a game to have fun and to get lost in its world and the only thing Ghosts of Tsushima &;accomplished was getting me lost in the worst way possible. Unlike history, there&8217;s a couple of survivors of the battle and one of them is Jin Sakai. Jin Sakai is nursed back to health by a beautiful thief named Yuna. Yuna thinks Jin can help her and her brother Taka get off the now-conquered island but her use of stealth as well as &8220;dishonorable&8221; tactics is a way to possibly fight against the Mongols. What follows is Jin eventually developing into a proto-shinobi (actual ninja not existing until the 15th century) who begins a reign of terror against the 8000 or so Mongols present.