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If your family already has a deep lineup of online games, consider downloading Bunch, too. This free app overlays video-chat windows onto existing games, so you can talk trash as you play Uno, Minecraft or Scrabble. TriviaMaker can bring some festive joy to your remote team with a range of holiday-themed virtual trivia games. If you've ever fancied creating your own trivia game show, now is your chance. You can impress remote team members with a custom-made game, complete with your own questions, sound effects, and everything in between. NGL, most are traditional games you've def played before but never realized actually work via Zoom. golf with friends xbox Plus, we found a few new ones that could totally spice up your night online. And if you’re really looking to have a ~night~ (or day, no judging), you can easily incorporate booze into the mix if that's your thing!