why is crypto up today

Gas fee:Gas refers to the transaction fee on the Ethereum blockchain. It is what users pay to get their transaction validated, or completed. As the name suggests, gas powers the entire Ethereum blockchain; nothing could happen without it. However, the downside is that only those willing to pay high fees will have their transactions processed quickly during network congestion. This dynamic results in "gas wars" that effectively bid up gas prices for everyone on the network. Support this public good through a Gitcoin Grant: Ethereum's transaction fees continue to fluctuate, but they haven't changed much since proof of stake rolled out—the update was not intended to change fees. It&8217;s natural that the gas price changes throughout the day—a transaction might cost you as high as 5 gwei and 110 gwei on the very same day. To ease the monitoring of the fees, you can use such websites as Ethereumprice.org or Etherscan. All in all, it&8217;s safe to say that the gas fees are the highest during working hours of the week if you are in the United States, so it&8217;s bitcoin fees chart better to plan ahead and send ETH transactions on either weekend or during the nighttime.